Surveys are traditional tools to check the pulse of organization, we made them more interesting and useful by making targeted and spontaneous to plan and execute. Conduct surveys directed towards a department, business unit or the whole organization with ease anytime during the year.
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Check the pulse of the organization with quick and interesting polls. Whether it is about a new design or about a new gym or cafeteria at the organization, ask for opinions and get prompt feedback. Polls can be used for informal alpha testing and learning about general opinions within the organization.
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People miss out on important announcements all the time and it can be a frustrating affair for both the parties. Solve this problem with TriggerO’s easy to create announcements that go directly to notify the targeted people.Being on mobile it becomes a boon for the organization.
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Feedback & Suggestion
TriggerO facilitates uninterrupted flow of feedbacks and suggestions. It resonates the pulse and feel of the organization back to the management and provides an outlet for employees to express themselves on various initiatives, organizational issues or in general on ad-hoc matters.
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Real Time Chat
Communication is a major challenge within organizations although the modes and mediums are many. Chat is an effective collaboration tool as it is instant and analogous to real time talking. It also reduces email burden and allows users to share knowledge, solve problems and plan lunch time on the fly.
Idea Generation
The idea feature is the place where budding concepts take form. People can think aloud their ideas or concepts and share it with others. Interested people can comment, provide feedback and become part of new initiatives that are recognized socially.