Integrates with any HRIS or ERP
Easily integrated with your HRIS, ERP or any other internal system. Once integrated, it runs in auto-pilot mode with no manual intervention.
Workflow Management
Manage the system as desired within the company. All work items like rewards, ideas, groups etc can be created with multi level approvals. Users can view their pending work items like recommendation, approvals, and endorsements in their respective work queues.
Organization Roles & Hierarchy
In an integrated mode, the system identifies people based on their business units, roles & hierarchy and runs in auto-pilot mode. The system easily manages new joiners or quitters on its own and automatically incorporates changes in the work items and workflow.
Multi-domain authentication
TriggerO identifies users on the basis of authenticated official email domain. TriggerO multi domain feature helps keeping various subsidiary units of same organization with distinct email domain under one umbrella.
Role based access & permission
System provides any client two roles namely admin and user with designated permissions. Admin can create custom roles to assign specific permissions to specific users of the system