Internal Branding
Did you know only 41% of employees strongly know what their company stands for and what makes it different from competitors. Employer branding begins internally first to convey best practices, initiatives and communicate with employees and get their buy–in in strategies across the board. TriggerO provides a framework to reach out and establish company brand.
Social Media Connect
People love to share their achievements with friends, family and acquaintance. When they do it on TriggerO, become brand ambassadors of their company. TriggerO plug-ins for outside social network provides powerful brand building framework.
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Integrated Talent Community
A brand recognized for being the “employer of choice” enjoys a pool of talented aspirants. TriggerO provides a framework to build integrated talent community – a place where aspirants are engaged through various activities and contests and also shown real-time employee engagement inside the company through TriggerO feeds.
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