Social Recognition
Who wouldn’t want to be celebrity? Well, just everybody! TriggerO’s social recognition tool turns your employees to celebrities. The underline fact is that recognition becomes more powerful when it is given on a wider platform.
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Peer-to-Peer Recognition
Studies have established that peer recognition leaves more impact than managerial recognition. Empower your employees to recognize and show their gratitude towards their peers with features -thanks, badges&, rewards.
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Reward Wizard
Change the reward landscape of the organization with rewards that address real business goals and problems. Whether it’s a general reward used by all functions of the company or a target driven reward required by sales function, it serves all.
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Contest Reward
Run interesting contests to keep the team engaged and reward the winners appropriately. These rewards are specifically designed to entice users to participate and create a vibrant community.
Innovation Reward
This reward is another value based reward that encourages the culture of innovation and novelty. Use them amply to promote these unique attributes
Sales Target Rewards
Rewards that motivate technical staff prove ineffective for Sales. So create the perfect target rewards specially for the Sales staff and keep them going.
Don’t forget those special occasions when employees celebrate their personal milestones. Congratulate them on their birthdays and anniversaries and build a brand connect with employees.
Long Service Reward
Rewarding the values can impact employee behavior unbelievably. So reward those who have remained loyal to the organization and served for long. This special reward is to recognize their continued organizational service.
Localized Reward Programs
The key to successful reward & recognition program is giving freedom to managers to reward their teams. This feature enables successful execution of decentralized programs not only across functions but across regions and geographies for increased effectiveness
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Wall Of Fame
A digital Wall exposed to all, which identifies the best performers of the organization through its unique, customizable algorithm and publishes it real time. The stories can also be streamed on TV Sets hanging across the company locations and carve out Heroes out of the lot!
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Online Redemption
Let go repetitive catalogue and give freedom of choice to your employees through our integrated online redemption market place. The Brand store offers an exciting range of products like any online retail store.
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Mementos and trophies add a punch to reward and recognition.Select from a gallery of beautiful memorabilia, which can be customized and personalized.
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Get insightful reports and data about employee behavior and track the organizational mood. Take informed decisions and build a case for your efforts with facts and figures now available just a click away.
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