Reward Programs
We provide complete support for developing and benchmarking various R&R initiatives of your organization. Once the program rolls over, TriggerO facilitates promotion of new ideas and an ongoing analysis of the program. We also bring value by auditing these initiatives at periodic intervals that help in program reviews and quality control measures.
Internal Marketing
Every new initiative needs an internal buy-in within your organization. We assist you with comprehensive online and on-ground support to market the new system and facilitate its adoption within. We also offer marketing support in introducing new policies & procedures to internal audiences while reinforcing existing programs through various multimedia initiatives. TriggerO also serves as your internal branding agency.
Catalogue Management
We offer multi-choice redemption, extensive coverage through certificates, trophies, events and logistics. The online RewardStore provides a great range of products that can be redeemed by the employees. These can also be customized as per your specific needs.